Andrew Wyeth

My photo of the prairie as an ode to Wyeth.
July 12, 1917 – January 16, 2009
Christina’s World” Artist, Dies at 91

Andrew Wyeth was born July 12, 1917 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest of five children. Andrew was a sickly child and so his mother and father made the decision to pull him out of school after he contracted whooping cough. His parents home-schooled him in every subject including art education.

Some critics viewed him as a facile realist, not an artist but merely an illustrator. Huh!? MERELY an illustrator?

I like this quote made by a close friend and student of Wyeth, Bo Barlett, commented on Wyeth’s reaction to criticism. “People only make you swerve. I won’t show anybody anything I’m working on. If they hate it, it’s a bad thing, and if they like it, it’s a bad thing. An artist has to be ingrown to be any good.”

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