Pantone 14-0848 the Color of 2009

I’m a bit late on this announcement… Pantone’s® (the color experts) color of the year 2009 is 14-0848 Mimosa. A warm-toned yellow with hints of orange. Not fluorescent yellow, not canary and not champagne, but glowing, comforting mimosa. Pantone touts it as a color that expresses hope and reassurance.

Check out this anniversary edition of the Dodge Viper in Matte Gold complete with racing stripes. I’ve always been fond of the added detail of racing stripes. Put ’em on a Mini Cooper, a Mustang whatever & I’m sold. Hmm, maybe my four year old IS on to me, he calls Mom’s car a race car.

photo from Autoblog

No I don’t visit this site on a regular basis in fact never until another blog c jane enjoy it beat them in the running for best major blog. Autoblog however wrote a nice concession speech.


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