Magna Plaza, Amsterdam

The many faces of Magna Plaza- One year ago, Bill and I we’re sitting here at an outdoor cafe in the city center of Amersterdam. I’d love to be sitting there again today.

15 min. sketch

Taking the advice of cartoonist R. Crumb – “Draw from life as much as possible. That’s where you’ll really learn things. And learn to express your real, personal feelings. Don’t worry about creating masterpieces or only drawing pretty things. Look for the commonplace, unnoticed details of everyday reality. To draw from life is to learn about life. But, you know, you need to be compelled by some inner need to fill in the blank page. It’s gotta come from inside.” An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory

My Style

Clean Mid Century meets a bit of Bohemian Chic

My style diagnosis given by interior designer Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove. I sent her the five images above and here’s how she describes my picks.
The bones of these spaces are the key to making them what they are. Great walls, ceilings and floors are a must. Furniture and textiles dress up these spaces perfectly. Shapes and colors are done well with lots of personality but not losing well thought out design.

Air Travel

My one and only sketch during our week long spring break trip. I whipped out my sketchbook to sketch the gal across the aisle as our plane descended into San Diego. My kids were sitting next to me chattering away, needless to say this felt a bit rushed. I’ll have to go back and sketch a few images from our photos.