Life Imitating Art

Sometime last year I created this collage (left) &  just recently I took this shot (right) as we strolled the streets of Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden. Look at the man’s arm position and his stance. The similarities of these scenes is a bit trippy.

Balance @ 66N

Our descent sometime after 10 pm and still light out. 
We ended this day in Iceland with a 3k hike up the mountain to find the hot river. It was 8:30 pm when we set out, the clouds were low, it was misting, and it was just us and the sheep who were grazing on the mountainside. We were slow because it was a muddy trail and if you veered off it you might step in a gurgling hot pot. We found the river and we had it to ourselves,
it was surreal to be swimming in this hot river on a mountaintop. It was my favorite night. 

Magical Land of Fire & Ice


We just returned from a trip to Iceland. The land is like no other, quite magical. We found this sea of cairns just off the side of the main road. It was our first day that we’d jumped in the car and I swear we were pulling over nearly every 15 min. or so discovering something new.

Break of Dawn

acrylic 18×36
What becomes of lying awake in bed at 5:30 am – first layers go down.

more layers added