Snow Sculptures

Breckenridge, CO – 19th Annual Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championshipsj
Teams of 5 create these amazing works of art in just 65 hours. Carved from 10′ wide by 12′ tall blocks of man-made snow weighing in at approximately 20 tons each.

I took an early morning stroll (walked the dog) and caught a quiet glimpse of winter art down by the Riverwalk. The lower left is the winner – Team Canada “Family Reunion”. The crazy Alaskans is clever, “Viewmaster” a ginormous bear peeking inside a camper. I think he stepped on Yukon Cornelius with his left paw, it won Peoples Choice & Kids Choice. Bottom right is Team U.S. Loveland, CO, which I thought was pretty.
Photos not the greatest, taken w/my phone.